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Amelia & Paco Book Series

As an advocate for the magic of childhood fantasy, the “Amelia and Paco” book series aims to mirror the boundless imagination of little ones. The author believes in the power of make-believe play to unlock creativity, resilience, and problem-solving skills in children. Each story is an ode to this playful world of pretend, a world where marshmallow trees grow and grumpy polar bears talk.

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"Gamarra’s engaging story begins and ends in Amelia’s bedroom, so the sense of her fantasy world is bookended by tangible clues about her big imagination. Paco remains charming and lovable even when he gets “hangry” waiting for the tree to sprout. A sweet tale about a child’s wild imagination."

"How To Grow A Marshmallow Tree by Stefanie Gamarra is a fun and educative book for toddlers. This picture book has many nuggets that will help children shape their outlook on life. "

"My daughter loved it. She followed along and was engaged for the entire story. The adventure was the right amount of funny and creative. I can’t wait to see kids planting marshmallows."

Melissa, Beta Reader

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